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Advanced Logistics & Sustainment

In the world of demanding missions, we are the unseen hand that ensures triumph in even the harshest environments worldwide. We don't just provide tools; we deliver the heartbeat of success to every mission.

Logistics and Sustainment Mastery

Our logistics and sustainment systems form the unshakable foundation that equips Warfighters and mission personnel for excellence. Our forte lies in delivering cost-effective, streamlined supply chain and facility management services. From procurement to transportation, delivery, and sustainment, we orchestrate integrated solutions that conquer challenges wherever they emerge on the global stage.

Crucial Timing for Mission Success

In the realm of mission success, time is the ultimate asset. Our customers entrust us to ensure that supplies and materials are unfailingly in the right place at precisely the right moment. At the heart of our capability lies a comprehensive spectrum of logistics and supply chain systems, bolstered by a sprawling global network of thousands of suppliers. Our end-to-end solutions liberate deployed troops and government personnel to focus entirely on their missions, undistracted and undeterred.

We are the silent force that empowers missions to surge forward, undeterred by the most challenging environments. Your success fuels our mission.


▸Integrated Supply Chain Management

​▸Facility Management Services

​▸Global Procurement

​▸Warehouse, Storage & Distribution Center Management

​▸Total Equipment Management Processes

​▸Maintenance Repairs & Operations Support
​▸Global Humanitarian & Stabilization Services
​▸Life Support Services

​▸Catering & Food Services

​▸Multimodal Transportation