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Facility Modernization, Operations & Maintenance

Oready takes pride in supporting some of the world's most advanced facilities and critical infrastructure. Our specialty lies in predictive, conditions-based solutions that deliver tangible results, allowing our customers to remain laser-focused on their missions.

Your Trusted Infrastructure Partner

As a leading integrated installation and facilities services provider, we offer dependable, cost-effective solutions for buildings, critical infrastructure, and equipment across a wide spectrum of facilities. This includes military bases, hospitals, medical facilities, research laboratories, and support facilities for intelligence, peacekeeping, and training missions. Our comprehensive range of installation and facility services ensures efficient operations that align seamlessly with our customers’ needs.

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Mission Success

At Oready, we’re equipped with leading-edge processes, technology, and systems, always ready to ensure mission success. We leverage our proven technical capabilities and operational expertise to deliver sustained, long-term value to any facility. Our Reliability-Centered Maintenance system utilizes predictive maintenance techniques to reduce ownership and organizational risk costs while enhancing reliability and machine uptime.

Integrated-Value Solutions

Oready doesn’t just stop at maintenance; we offer integrated-value solutions that support every stage of operational maintenance requirements, small capital projects, and asset modernization efforts. Our adaptable service offerings are tailored to your facility or mission’s unique requirements, from feasibility evaluation and construction to commissioning, operations, and maintenance. We adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring sustainable, measurable value through optimized operational performance and a commitment to continuous improvement.


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