OReady | Total Business Simplicity


Oready’s All-inclusive & Varied Life Cycle Services

Here at Oready, we are not tied down by red tape or rigid business structures. Our goal is simple: to make your mission a success. We do this by tapping into the best talent, tools, and processes throughout Oready. We are all about getting the job done right.

Training, Simulation & Readiness

  • Dynamic Training Environments: We offer live, virtual, and constructive training solutions that adapt to your specific needs. 
  • Collaborative Exercises: Our expertise extends to coordinating joint and multinational exercises, including wargaming, to enhance your preparedness. 
  • Seamless Simulation: Oready seamlessly integrates synthetic training into your programs, enhancing their effectiveness. 
  • Training System Management: We handle the complete maintenance and operations of training systems, ensuring their optimal functionality. 
  • Aviation Excellence: Our specialization in Aviation training and readiness ensures that you’re ready for any aerial mission. 
  • Comprehensive Range Operations: Oready provides full-scale range operations, and support services, enhancing your training experience. 
  • Cutting-Edge MIS Solutions: Our advanced Multi-Service Based Information Management System (MIS) solutions empower your organization with actionable insights

Critical Mission & Language Support

  • Cooperative Threat Reduction & Mission Assurance: We ensure the security and success of critical missions by providing Cooperative Threat Reduction expertise and comprehensive Mission Assurance solutions.
  • Integrated Logistics & Operations Management: Our holistic approach to Logistics and Operations Management optimizes processes and resource utilization, contributing to mission success.
  • CBRNE Training & Support: Count on us for specialized training and support in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) defense, enhancing your readiness to tackle diverse threats.
  • Embedded Linguist Support: Our Embedded Linguist Support services break down language barriers, enabling seamless communication and information exchange in mission-critical situations.Language Services: From Interpretation and Translation to Transcription and Localization, our Language Services ensure effective communication and cultural adaptation in various contexts, vital for mission accomplishment.

Advanced Logistics & Sustainment

  • Integrated Supply Chain Management: Our expertise in Integrated Supply Chain Management ensures a well-coordinated flow of resources across your organization, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Facility Management Services: We offer Facility Management Services to maximize the functionality and efficiency of your facilities, ensuring they meet the needs of your mission.
  • Global Procurement: Oready’s Global Procurement solutions provide efficient sourcing and management of resources on a global scale, delivering cost-effective and dependable supply chains.
  • Warehouse, Storage, & Distribution Center Management: Our proficiency in Warehouse, Storage, and Distribution Center Management streamlines the movement and storage of vital assets, enhancing accessibility and security.
  • Total Equipment Management Processes: Count on Oready for comprehensive Total Equipment Management Processes, ensuring your equipment operates at peak performance levels while minimizing downtime

Global Contingency & Stability Operations

  • Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance: Our proficiency in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance ensures swift and effective response in times of crises, offering crucial aid and relief to affected populations.
  • Contingency Operations Support: Oready’s Contingency Operations Support is tailored to fortify your preparedness and adaptability in unpredictable scenarios, enabling your success in dynamic environments.
  • Life Support Services: We provide comprehensive Life Support Services, including shelter, sustenance, and medical care, to enhance the resilience and well-being of personnel facing challenging circumstances.
  • Foreign Military Sales Training & Services: Our Foreign Military Sales Training & Services strengthen international partnerships by offering training and support to global allies, fostering cooperation and interoperability in defense and security initiatives.

Facility Operations & Maintenance

  • Base Operations Support Services: Our Base Operations Support Services provide the essential infrastructure and support needed to maintain operational readiness and efficiency at your facilities.
  • Facilities Maintenance & Repair: Oready excels in Facilities Maintenance & Repair, addressing structural and operational issues promptly to minimize disruptions and maintain a safe environment.
  • Launch Support Services: We offer Launch Support Services, catering to the unique needs of launch facilities and ensuring their reliability for successful missions.
  • Chemical Management Services: Count on us for Chemical Management Services, guaranteeing the safe and responsible handling of hazardous materials within your facilities.
  • Construction Management: Oready’s Construction Management expertise ensures the efficient planning and execution of construction projects, helping you meet your infrastructure needs with precision and quality.

Intelligence & Analysis Solutions

  • Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR): Our expertise in ISR delivers real-time intelligence and reconnaissance data, enabling you to make informed decisions and enhance operational effectiveness.
  • Electronic Warfare & Electromagnetics: Oready excels in Electronic Warfare and Electromagnetics, harnessing advanced technologies to dominate the electronic battlespace.
  • Artificial Intelligence: We leverage Artificial Intelligence to process and analyze complex data, uncovering hidden patterns and trends that drive smarter decisions and more effective operations.
  • Undersea Warfare: Our Undersea Warfare solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges of underwater operations, ensuring you maintain superiority beneath the waves.
  • Joint Training, Exercise Planning & Wargaming: Oready’s Joint Training, Exercise Planning, and Wargaming services facilitate realistic training scenarios and strategic planning, bolstering your readiness for diverse and dynamic mission environments.